Dominica Economic Citizenship Program

Dominica economic citizenship program began in 1991 and since then a number of applicants have successfully gained second citizenship of Dominica. Dominica citizenship program was set up as a means of gaining investment funds which goes to the development of infrastructure in the country and in return persons who would not normally qualify for citizenship ( through birth, parentage or marriage) become eligible for citizenship of the country.

The Dominica citizenship program is also referred to as the economic citizen program. The success of this program over the years can be attributed to a number of factors; Dominica second citizenship program is well regulated as the process itself follows guidelines set out by legislation. The parties involved in the economic citizenship program ensure that all rules are followed. All persons applying to the program must agree to have due diligence research carried out on them by very reputable firms.

Persons applying into the Dominica citizenship program must do so through an agent who has been authorized and licensed by the Government of Dominica. This agent will help with the preparation of documents and act as the client’s representative with the government. The process for Dominica citizenship program involves completing application forms and submitting personal and bank reference letters, declaration of source of funds, employment letters for persons who are not self employed, Police record, marriage certificate, copies of diplomas, Medical Certificate and eight (8) passport sized photos for each applicant.

Dominica citizenship program has options for single applicants and families; the Single Applicant, Family Application One and Family application Two. The first option is available to single persons (married or single) who make and investment of US$100,000. The Family Application One qualifies one applicant and a spouse for an investment of US$175,000 and Family Application two qualifies the applicant, spouse and two children under the age of eighteen (18) for an investment worth US$200,000.

The investment fees do not include process fees, application fees, stamp duty and a naturalization fee some of which are non refundable. Due diligence fees are paid by the applicant and are carried out for all over 16 year. Families with more than two children have to pay additional investment and processing fees depending on the age of the child.

Most persons who have become Dominica citizens through its economic citizenship program normally begin the process for applying for a Dominica passport which provides visa free travel to a number of countries around the world.

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