Economic Citizenship - Legal Programs

Second citizenship can be obtained from a few countries in the world who offer the privilege of citizenship to individuals who do not qualify for citizenship through birth, marriage or parentage. The Caribbean islands of Dominica and St Kitts have economic citizenship programs in place which allows qualified individuals to obtain second citizenship. These second citizenship programs are well monitored and the process for applying for second citizenship through these programs is very rigorous in both countries.

The Dominica citizenship by investment program has been in place from 1991 and many persons have gained citizenship through this economic citizenship program. Recognized agents in the country represent clients and presenting cases t the government for review. The Dominica economic citizenship program has a few selections for obtaining Dominica second citizenship:

  1. Single Applicant USD 100,000
  2. Family Application I (main applicant and spouse only) USD175,000
  3. Family Application II (main applicant, spouse and two children below the age of 18 years) USD 200,000

If a family has more than two children/dependents there will be an additional investment fee for each child.

The investment is paid up only after the government of Dominica has reviewed the applications for second citizenship and a comfort letter has been issued to the applicant through the agent. In addition to the investment fee there are other fees which are applied:

  • Processing fees
  • Application fees
  • Stamp fees
  • Naturalization fees

Processing fee and application fees are non-refundable. The process for applying for Dominica second citizenship can take anywhere between 6- 8 weeks.

Another popular second citizenship program out of the Caribbean is the St Kitts economic citizenship program which also has two options:

  1. citizenship by investment
  2. Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF)

The citizenship by investment option allows applicants to make a real estate investment into projects sanctioned by the Government of St Kitts at a cost of US$400,000 in addition to other fees. The SIDF option has four (4) categories; single applicant, applicant with three dependents, applicant with up to five dependents and applicant with more than five dependents. Dependents refer to spouse and children below the age of eighteen. The SIDF option already includes registration fees, but does not cover administrative, processing and due diligence fees.

Second citizenship is perfect for persons whose present citizenship status presents some kind of limitation to them. The economic citizenship programs allows successful applicants to obtain passports which makes travel easier and makes visa free travel to a number of countries possible. Due diligence investigations are done as part of the application process for second citizenship which ensures that only well qualified persons have success in the program. There is no obligation for a person who has obtained second citizenship to reside in that country although this may present many advantages including tax advantages.

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