St. Kitts Economic Citizenship Program

St Kitts citizenship program is one of the first established economic citizenship programs under which individuals can gain legal citizenship of St Kitts by making an investment in the country. There are two options under the St Kitts citizenship by investment program: The real estate option and the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) option. All investments made in the St Kitts citizenship program are used for the development of the island federation of St Kitts and Nevis. The funds collected in the Sugar Industry Diversification foundation option are used for the development of industries which will provide employment for the persons who were once part of the now defunct sugar industry.

The real estate option of the St Kitts economic citizenship program involves applicants making a contribution towards the development of a real estate project on the island. For this the government of St Kitts has put aside special projects. The contribution must be worth US$400,000 and the investor is not allowed to sell the real estate for five years and the person making the purchase does not qualify for St Kitts citizenship under the St Kitts economic citizenship program. In addition to the investment there are various fees to be paid under this second citizenship option: due diligence fees, government application fees which are paid for the applicant and each dependent plus processing fees and purchase cost.

The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation option has different categories with varying investment contribution. Category 1 is a single applicant with an investment contribution of US$250,000, category 2 is available for an applicant with up to three dependents at a cost of US$ 300,000. Category 3 (US$350,000) and 4 (US$450,000) qualifies applicants with up to five and more than 6 dependents. The dependent mentioned refers to a spouse and children below the age of eighteen. All contributions made to the SIDF are non refundable. For this option all additional fees except processing fees are already added to the contribution made. In addition to the investment there are various fees to be paid under this second citizenship option: due diligence fees and application processing fees.

St Kitts citizenship program requires that due diligence be carried out for all applicants above the age of sixteen (16). The St Kitts second citizenship program is well regulated and once the process of applying for St Kitts citizenship is completed the new citizen of St Kitts can begin the application process for obtaining a passport of the country which can be used for travel around the world.

The application process for St Kitts second passport is handled by capable agents on the island who are sanctioned by the government of St Kitts. The agents help clients with the preparation of documents and set up interview dates amongst taking care of other important details in the process of obtaining St Kitts economic citizenship. St Kitts citizenship program has been enjoyed a long run and this program will continue well into the future and is perfect for individuals who are subjected to limitations and restriction with their present citizenship status. St Kitts recognizes dual citizenship and does not require St Kitts citizens to renounce previous citizenship.

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